Hey, I'm Francesca

I am a Product Designer,
occasional illustrator based in London.
I help digital products move from problems to solutions.

Case studies

I help digital products move from problems to solutions.
Below are a few of the most recent projects that I worked on, with more detailed use cases.
A selection of others can be found further below.


Sometimes all work and no play make people go insane.
A collection of ramdom and not so random design stuff is in my playbook.
Or for ramblings and such my Medium page.

Other projects

Soldo app

Soldo's app, specifically designed for admins to keep an eye on the employee's spending.

Fintech, 2018
Alidays App

The company's first app, dedicated to the customers that had booked a trip.

Travel, 2016
Alidays Fast booking

A new approach to booking hotels and flights to satisfy the need of internal users.

Travel, 2016


When the stars align, The Process shows itself in its overwhelming splendor.
To commemorate that moment, I wrote an article about it - The Process -
and how I like to use it to make better decisions in product stuff.
I promise it's worth the 7 minute read.

About me

So, if you scrolled this far you might be interested to click on
this magic link here to the about page where some light will be shed on
the mystery author.
Other than working in product I am the Chief Illustration Officer at JAM London
Yes, it's a real title.